Social Recruitment

Social recruitment has been on the rise over the last decade. With hundreds of socializing portals on the web, companies have the opportunity to cut the traditional recruitment methods and costs and focus on encashing the power of the socializing medium on the web. With the advent of networking technologies, the traditional methods (news ads and online job portals) appear time and labor intensive.

Already the recruitment application software manufacturers around the world have begun to integrate socially available professional data into its applications, new high end features are being programmed and ATS (application tracking system) is becoming more and more efficient and employee referral programs are becoming more effective. It helps the organization build an online personal brand; the recruiters get an opportunity to leverage their visibility. Short listing the most suited, hiring time and various related processes have got simpler.

Reaching the passive candidates used to be a dream, no more. People who are skeptical about the evolution of the emerging social recruitment dimension or people who remain complacent to such phenomenal changes may find themselves abandoned on the wayside. If not now, social recruitment methods will replace all the other methods sooner than later. Organizations are experimenting it and no one is complaining because it clearly returns them more than their investment in a short time.

US organizations and their British counterparts have realized the potential of utilizing the web and social media and have shown deep interest with the software applications that are capable of harnessing this power. Such applications are a godsend for small and medium enterprises that can divert much of their funds to more productive areas and increase their margins. It powers the human resourcing professionals to trigger a passive discussion on topics of company’s interest and this gives them directions for exploring markets and newer products. Twitter and LinkedIn are among the most popular socializing sites. These together give access to over a thousand million profiles. The share of Facebook is much lower than the other sites with regard to usage for recruitment purposes. The competent recruitment software makes it possible to broadcast vacant positions via such media much more effectively than ever before and is capable of monitoring and tracking the applications equally well.

Having discussed the good points about Social recruitment through Recruitment Software let us examine if the scope has been dealt with appropriately, have the so called good points been consumed or it still poses challenges to organizations, HR staff and recruiters.

LinkedIn can be considered a social recruitment channel in the true sense. However people subscribing to its services primarily are looking for professional associations, associating with long lost colleagues rather than seeking opportunities. They cringe to get into job related conversations. Usually a member thinks twice before making an application to a job ad. Some believe that a true social recruitment involves developing a given community with variety challenges and variety solutions usually around a given organization. Such endeavors tend to spread messages to neighboring networks. The community in question has the potential to generate candidatures all by itself; all the organization needs to do is publish a brief notification about the position. The qualification, qualities and skills are debated by the active community and not by the organization. Organization’s non-participative approach works in negative for its brand and corporate image and utter failure encashing the potential when they treat social media as a recruitment channel.

A well thought of strategy is what is required from the organization. It must realize the picture it paints amongst the media or the prevalent image. It must be a key party adding value thereby build positive feelings and consequently trigger an active network of deeply engaged followers. If the prevailing image is negative then it must invest significantly to turn it around.

The benefits of social recruitment are reaped by organizations highly competitive in nature. It attracts best candidates available on the job market. It encourages building participative networks wherein creative people present their ideas and this provides visibility to recruiters. Such candidates then can be monitored, and offered at the right time.

Social media is capable of reaching candidates normally not reachable through the traditional recruitment methods. They are a happy and satisfied lot with the jobs they hold. And therefore their resumes are not out for recruiters to even consider.


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Recruitment Database

Recruitment Database when skillfully created arms a Recruitment software application to manage the complicated procedure involved. It helps the recruitment executives to effectively search vacant positions, suitable candidates, facilitates establishing phone/ email / SMS communication (such as drafting, copying, pasting, redrafting of emails, personalizing your emails) with clients and candidates, helps in pre-selection and short listing of candidates from a heap of applications or database, shares resumes for client’s perusal, arranges interview meetings, keeps records of progress on specific positions, candidates and clients and raises invoices. Variety of features for securing data and providing privileges to only certain few makes the work confidential to a mandated level.

A good recruitment database with compatible tracking system software helps you assess candidates with much higher efficiency and thereby saves efforts, time and money and assures quality fulfillment. It facilitates background assessment which these days has become a mandatory procedure. These procedures when not automated with the help of recruitment software and database, used to be very expensive, time-intensive and labor intensive activities.

The laid-up and integrated processes simplify the procedures by linking up with specialty background check companies. Unlike in olden times when you had to hire and spend for applicant data to be entered into your database, today with internet power the applicants themselves do the job for you which is a win-win condition. You are no longer held responsible for data entry oversights because today the candidates themselves are accountable for such oversights.

With the economy in serious turmoil, the senior management in recruitment departments and recruitment agencies are turning their attention towards recruitment solutions being used, procured and alternatives available. The volume of paper being used, costs towards storing trivial data and man power and similar factors are some of the factors bumping up the operational costs. Looking at available automation solutions does help in containing costs and increasing margins.

While recruiting staffs do not have any aspersions on the significance of employing a recruitment database system but what has become crucial is the justification of the need, complete with facts and figures about the worthiness or return on investment for going in for a high-end recruitment database application system because it is a size-able investment. No one wants to invest unless thoroughly satisfied with proof of end results being in favor of the business. With a firm vision and a carefully chosen compatible database system, a company can be certain to gain.

Usage of such database systems would enhance the professional attitude of the company to everyone around. It would eliminate redundant tasks such as record and paper management, writing, sending communications and would simultaneously enhance productivity by focusing upon taking on other vital work. There are other factors playing a vital role here influencing return on investment. For instance, the system takes care of repeatable activities such as sorting, sifting, grading and ranking of resumes with lot more dexterity and accuracy than otherwise and thus reducing costs and time that plays an active role in computation of return on investment. There is absolutely no manual effort required in filing the applications into the database as registration and addition of the same to database works automatically. It helps with pre-selection activities, so that you get more qualified, more suitable candidates for further screening (read interview). This takes care of the quality aspect of the hire. By the reduction of paper work and manual labor, you reduce overheads. Once the higher management is satisfied that the investment is well worth with assured return on investment, your job is half done. If you had a system that you have thoroughly assessed not worth any longer, today’s online recruitment database systems come with features that can help you migrate / modernize your existing database to the new one seamlessly. This ensures you do not compromise on your precious data and which continues to remain retrievable.

Let us look at factors that you should be considering when looking for a database system for your recruitment. These are;

  • Security
  • Easy of Use
  • Accurate Searching
  • Good Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Excellent Customer Service

While no solution can give everything for each of these factors, but there are times in the life that compels you to make compromises, but if made cautiously and prepared to amends along the way, can keep you on the road safer than others.

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Benefits Of Using Recruitment Software

Benefit and profit are the most favorite terms in business sector. Whatever business category you are in; small, medium or large; the prime object is to reap benefits and profits from your endeavor.

So whatever you choose, manpower, tools or anything, your decision is based on the advantages derived from these things. When it comes to software, business persons tend to be more cautious due to technical complexity involved in the process. But the main benefit of business software is simplifying your business process.

Recruitment software simplifies your recruitment process to a greater extent. Moreover the involvement of HR in this process is greatly reduced. The amazing benefits you are going to avail from this software are discussed below.

Reducing time of whole process: Time is a critical factor in deciding your success rate. Online recruitment software saves a lot of time and effort of your HR personnel by streamlining and automating the whole procedure followed for candidate selection for any particular post. Job posting in different newspapers or online places, collecting and filtering thousand of resumes by wasting so many hours in manual reading, storing them categorically, wasting a lot of time to retrieve the selected resumes before and during interview; all these processes are automated by recruitment software. Also they take a lot of time. Any organization can save huge hours by doing all these through good, reliable and result-oriented online recruitment software.

Minimizing involvement of manpower in the process: In any company, recruitment process involves a lot of manpower. A number of HR personnel are engaged to carry out different processes involved in the whole course of action. As the software practically carries out all the processes itself, your administrative work load is entirely reduced. Only one or two HR persons can handle all parts. Also you need not require any support of IT personnel to handle this easy-to-use tool. Anyone from your HR administration can do this after a brief overview of the working procedure of the software.

Cost reduction: Finance is the driving force for any business organization. Everyone wants to cut cost without affecting quality of service or products. Recruitment software provides you double benefits of saving cost and enhanced quality of work. As this software is going to reduce the involvement of many HR personnel and their precious time, so naturally cost involving in the procedure will be greatly reduced. You can easily calculate the cost for the whole year wasted in the process of recruitment if you convert the time wasted into dollar equivalent. As the pricing of such software is in few dollars per month, you can easily save thousands of dollars per year. Ultimately your cost per hire is greatly reduced. So, this software is very economical for your business.

Enhance quality of whole procedure: All the processes involved in hiring procedure are very tiresome. Going over the resumes, printing them, sorting in files or spreadsheets, emailing the candidates; all these tasks are really very tedious. There is every possibility of some error in these tasks. Sometimes printed copies are missed or not stored in proper place. So you may lose some talented candidates. Even the same candidate may be interviewed for the same type of post at different times even though he has failed in previous interview. There may be chances of wrong data entry at any point of hiring process. But if you are using recruiting software, there is no fear of making any mistake. The software takes care of everything. Both applicants and recruiters get enough benefit from it. Applicants can fill up the form through a few numbers of clicks and recruiters read, sort and save the resumes through certain clicks. The whole data is stored in a centralized database which can be accessed through any device like computers or smart phones or tablets. Moreover, the software can be attached to your website.

Different types of business software are developed to enhance your capability to carry out your work load by simplifying the whole process. Accounting software, Enterprise resource planning (ERP), Customer relationship management (CRM) software; all these tools are developed to reduce your workload and make the process error free. And recruitment software is a valuable member in this category having the full potential to support your business for reducing your time and effort and selecting the best candidates from the job market.

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