Recruitment Database

Recruitment Database when skillfully created arms a Recruitment software application to manage the complicated procedure involved. It helps the recruitment executives to effectively search vacant positions, suitable candidates, facilitates establishing phone/ email / SMS communication (such as drafting, copying, pasting, redrafting of emails, personalizing your emails) with clients and candidates, helps in pre-selection and short listing of candidates from a heap of applications or database, shares resumes for client’s perusal, arranges interview meetings, keeps records of progress on specific positions, candidates and clients and raises invoices. Variety of features for securing data and providing privileges to only certain few makes the work confidential to a mandated level.

A good recruitment database with compatible tracking system software helps you assess candidates with much higher efficiency and thereby saves efforts, time and money and assures quality fulfillment. It facilitates background assessment which these days has become a mandatory procedure. These procedures when not automated with the help of recruitment software and database, used to be very expensive, time-intensive and labor intensive activities.

The laid-up and integrated processes simplify the procedures by linking up with specialty background check companies. Unlike in olden times when you had to hire and spend for applicant data to be entered into your database, today with internet power the applicants themselves do the job for you which is a win-win condition. You are no longer held responsible for data entry oversights because today the candidates themselves are accountable for such oversights.

With the economy in serious turmoil, the senior management in recruitment departments and recruitment agencies are turning their attention towards recruitment solutions being used, procured and alternatives available. The volume of paper being used, costs towards storing trivial data and man power and similar factors are some of the factors bumping up the operational costs. Looking at available automation solutions does help in containing costs and increasing margins.

While recruiting staffs do not have any aspersions on the significance of employing a recruitment database system but what has become crucial is the justification of the need, complete with facts and figures about the worthiness or return on investment for going in for a high-end recruitment database application system because it is a size-able investment. No one wants to invest unless thoroughly satisfied with proof of end results being in favor of the business. With a firm vision and a carefully chosen compatible database system, a company can be certain to gain.

Usage of such database systems would enhance the professional attitude of the company to everyone around. It would eliminate redundant tasks such as record and paper management, writing, sending communications and would simultaneously enhance productivity by focusing upon taking on other vital work. There are other factors playing a vital role here influencing return on investment. For instance, the system takes care of repeatable activities such as sorting, sifting, grading and ranking of resumes with lot more dexterity and accuracy than otherwise and thus reducing costs and time that plays an active role in computation of return on investment. There is absolutely no manual effort required in filing the applications into the database as registration and addition of the same to database works automatically. It helps with pre-selection activities, so that you get more qualified, more suitable candidates for further screening (read interview). This takes care of the quality aspect of the hire. By the reduction of paper work and manual labor, you reduce overheads. Once the higher management is satisfied that the investment is well worth with assured return on investment, your job is half done. If you had a system that you have thoroughly assessed not worth any longer, today’s online recruitment database systems come with features that can help you migrate / modernize your existing database to the new one seamlessly. This ensures you do not compromise on your precious data and which continues to remain retrievable.

Let us look at factors that you should be considering when looking for a database system for your recruitment. These are;

  • Security
  • Easy of Use
  • Accurate Searching
  • Good Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Excellent Customer Service

While no solution can give everything for each of these factors, but there are times in the life that compels you to make compromises, but if made cautiously and prepared to amends along the way, can keep you on the road safer than others.

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